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Our services

Consulting services

– Production consultation
– Herd health management and improvement
– Converting herds to high health operations
– Disease outbreak investigations
– Herd expansion planning
– Greenfield piggery planning
– Pork 360 implementation and auditing
– Compartment implementation and support
– Abattoir based health checks
– Input cost analysis

Management services

– Management software (PigVision and FARM)
– Management software installation and ongoing support
– Farm management support

Technical support

– Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis
– Backfat measurements

Nutritional services

Formulation and evaluation of pig rations. Custom formulations can be done for each specific production stage. In addition, evaluation of current rations can also be employed with the aim of optimising ration costs. All custom formulations take raw material costs and matrix values into consideration.

CS Vet BioSecure

– FarmSecure: Farm biosecurity audits
– FeedSecure: Feedmill biosecurity audits
– AbaSecure: Abattoir biosecurity audits
– On-farm biosecurity training


– One day courses
– Annual CS Vet Managers Course
– On-farm training (Afrikaans, English, SePedi, Sotho, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu) – Customised training

CS Vet Pharmacy

We supply our clients with medication in line with the customised health plans designed by our veterinary consultants. This includes vaccines, antibiotics, and supportive medication. Cold chain management is of the utmost importance to us when we dispatch temperature-sensitive products. Our orders are packed in a bio-secure manner, and the premises undergoes regular disinfection. Access to the premises is controlled.