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Nutritional services

Formulation and evaluation of pig rations
Custom formulations can be done for each specific production stage. In addition, evaluation of current rations can also be employed with the aim of optimising ration cost.

All custom formulations take raw material costs and matrix values into consideration. Where external feed, raw material or pre-mix suppliers are used, our nutritionist assists clients in liaising with suppliers in terms of quotations, ration set-up and any other nutritional matter on the clients’ behalf.

Raw materials can be analysed by near infrared spectroscopy

An NIR test can be performed for a proximate analysis to ensure that the correct matrix values are assigned and used during formulations. Finished feeds can also be analysed to determine mixing accuracy and to evaluate the formulation to feeder accuracy.

Nutritional consultations

On-farm advice and guidance can be provided with regards to the practicalities of the specific feeding system available, whether it be evaluating animal needs or detecting leakages. Feed mill optimisation

As crucial as analysing the feed itself, the proper function of the feed mill can be evaluated. The goal of this evaluation is to optimise the mill operation practically and effectively.

Feed Tests

Other than NIR testing, the nutritional services include rapid analysis of mycotoxins in feed samples and sieve testing to determine the particle size of raw materials and finished feeds.